Sunday, July 21, 2013

The real reason to have a blog

the opportunity to organize and spend more time staring at my wedding photos. 
(As if I don't do that enough already ;)  
Almost a year ago, I am so lucky and blessed.
Thank you Meghan Heiser for these photos that I have not stopped looking at over and over again since I got them last August or September.
 Thank you life and ezra and family and friends etc. for being wonderfully awesome. Picking up flowers from the farmer's market morning of with my besties was a favorite moment, music by my dad and sister, planning and designing with my mom. My brother, the rock climber, stringing  lights with rope from tree to tree.
 I feel very conflicted at times about having a blog and what I want to put on it. But the truth is that I love reading other people's so much and am so thankful that they do it. And this blog is purely for my enjoyment of making the posts.

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